Windshield Repair in Metro Albuquerque

Windshields: Repair or replace?

New Mexico is a beautiful place to live - unless you are a windshield! Your windshield protects you not only from the elements, it is also a critical component of your vehicles structural integrity. One report suggests that "when the windshield breaks (typically at around 8 cm of crush) the strength of the roof declines dramatically."

Replacement may introduce inferior window strength. While, not always the case, finding a true unbiased answer from an auto-glass supplier may be difficult. While a replacement glass may meet standards set by the DOT, it may not rise to the quality and standards found in the original factory window.

With the latest resin technology, even fairly long cracks can be fixed, without the need for full window replacement. This ensures the original adhesive used to seal in the window is not removed. This is important in case of a roll-over to teh extent that if the window seal fails during an accident, the window can "pop-out" and leave the roof vulnerable to extensive "cave-in".

As for the car glass repair cost, it is normally covered by full-coverage insurance policies. If you are still paying off the bank loan on your car then you have to have full coverage in New Mexico. Our shop handles all the paperwork so the customer does not need to pay anything for an average repair. Glass repair for cars is a skill and the quality of resins is worth thinking about. Remember, we use high quality resins for our mobile glass service. Windshield Repair in Metro Albuquerque

There are times to replace a windshield, and there are quality vendors with quality products to do the job. Be aware of the safetey factors and if we can be of service to you in keeping you existing windshield, then give us a call. We are an albuquerque glass repair shop that is friendly and locally owned.